Shaurya Agrawal




  • " An empty cup facing an ocean of knowledge, but all you can do is pour in the letters drop by drop."

Hey there! ... I'm Shaurya, a high school student living in the United Arab Emirates. As you may have already noticed, I'm a Blogger as well. As an eager learner, I strive to gather any amount of knowledge I might receive. My main source being books. Books, they seem to have something special with them. Each person has a unique perspective and each book is a chance for the reader to dwell into that. Yes, I'm an avid reader as well.

What About The Blog?

Through this blog, I hope to share my ( a student ) point of view on various topics such as the current technology, the climate situation, and much more. I intend to use this as a public journal as well. I'll be reflecting on my day and just have a conversation with me. What was different about today, what insights I was able to gather and various other things.


Colligate is hosted by two students ( including me ). As mentioned earlier, I'm an avid reader and so is the other founder. In here, we'll be posting reviews of the books we read and share our own thoughts in how we can apply or just appreciate the author's work!

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